AMultiply Distribution Channel Partners

In 2018, Our company has successfully launched the brand and products into aMultiply Showrooms and online (B2B) Platform This is a step forward for our products have been welcomed by consumers and step by step to penetrate and expand the market under the model of innovative distribution technology.

aMultiply Asia IVS Denmark – partne

aMultiply Asia is a company headquartered in Denmark, Supply chain services in South East Asia and worldwide.

The association with Amultiply has created an innovation for the distribution industry, promoting the consumer market and great connection international businesses for our importing abroad, also creating opportunities for Distributors/Retailers reach our products with ease, expecting potential and wider reach in local.

This is an innovation for the development of distribution technology that we are in the same vein with a Danish company step by step penetrating deep and expanding the market effectively and ensuring consumers have good benefits. Most of the origin and quality of products. We committed to support the export and import solution through aMultiply’s services.

Our products are on display in Ho Chi Minh Showroom and Da Nang.

Our products are on display in Ho Chi Minh Showroom and Da Nang.

Samples are on display at

Danang Showroom: 478 B9 Dien Bien Phu (Co-op Mart supermarket)

Showroom in Ho Chi Minh: DS1 center shop, D1 Street, Tan Hung Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh.

Sign up at https: // to connect with us.

November 8, 2018